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Claudio Truzzi

Claudio Truzzi

Head of icity.brussels and SmartCampus - Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Head of icity.brussels and SmartCampus

Claudio has over 30 years experience in technology development, transfer and implementation, in all aspects of digital innovation across multiple spaces and application domains.

Early experiences include: C-level roles for high-impact, high potential technology start-ups in the semiconductor and electronics sectors (ASI, ViaFactor, Aveni, Convergix, GigaSys, CS2); business development function in technology-based international corporation IMI, and; post-doc and team leader at research center IMEC.

He is currently part of the Technology Transfer Office of ULB in Brussels, managing a divers portfolio of R&D projects and is responsible for icity.brussels, a 13M€ interuniversity initiative to boost digital technology innovation in the regional ecosystem, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, CyberSecurity and the Internet of Things. As a spin-out project of icity.brussels, he has founded and deployed SmartCampus, a smart sensor-based data generation and valorisation platform to strengthen innovation.

He has (co)authored 8 patents and more than 70 publications in specialised press, peer-reviewed scientific journals, and conference proceedings. He is an active speaker in, and organiser of, local and international events, both scientific- and business-oriented.

He holds an Executive MBA from Solvay Brussels School, a PhD from Polytechnic School in Turin (I), and a MsC from University of Bologna (I).