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Axel Ferrazzini

Axel Ferrazzini

Managing Director - 4iP Council EU, Belgium

Axel has been managing director of 4iP Council since 2017

4iP Council is a not-for-profit research council working across a broad variety of industries and sectors to promote the role of intellectual property in innovation. He has a strong background in technology research and policy development. Axel has been helping universities, small and big companies to develop and nurture their IP strategy since 2002.

In addition to be an elected member of the ETSI Board since 2014, Axel’s career is rooted in research and development and holds more than 20 patents. He has an MS in Computer Science from EPITA and an Executive MBA in innovation strategy and entrepreneurship from the ESSEC & Mannheim business schools.

What 4iP Council is about:

4iP Council is a European research council dedicated to developing high quality academic insight and empirical evidence on topics related to intellectual property and innovation. We work with academia, policy makers, regulators, business stakeholders of all sizes, educators and students to facilitate a deeper understanding of the invention process and of technology investment decision-making. 4iP Council was established in February 2013 and is a non-profit organisation.