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Social Conduct Policy

As a networking organisation, ASTP events often incorporate more social networking activities, where food and drinks, including alcohol may be served. ASTP believes that such sociable events promote strong networks and a sense of community. However, ASTP also believes that drinking alcohol in moderation should be the code of conduct that applies to such events. While management wants everyone to enjoy these social events, it is up to individual participants, including employees, to ensure that their behaviour is acceptable. Specifically:

  1. Everyone should consume alcohol only in moderation at Association social events.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use classified drugs at any Association social event.
  3. The Association’s policy on harassment and bullying applies to such social events.
  4. Employees and participants should not say or do anything at such a social event that could offend, intimidate, embarrass or upset any other person, whether as a joke or not.
  5. Employees and participants must not behave in any way at any work-related social event that could bring the Association’s name into ill repute.

Any breach of the above rules will result in informal or formal disciplinary action being taken. ASTP reserves the right to exercise discretion in refusing admittance to any participant in the event of reasonable risk of breach of this policy.

Last updated: 08 April 2020