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Arijana Filipić

Arijana Filipić

PhD - National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

PhD, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana Slovenia

Arijana Filipić acquired her master’s degree in microbiology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She continues to work in this field now for her PhD as she is finishing it at the National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana Slovenia. Her research is focused on the inactivation of different viruses with various methods in diverse matrices. One of the main goals of her work is successful inactivation of viruses in water by cold atmospheric plasma. In addition, she is helping with the optimization of systems for determining virus inactivation potential and she also helped develop a system used for testing the efficiency of bacterial and virus filtration of masks.

Arijana presented her work on many national and international conferences where she won a total of 7 awards for her presenting skills. She helped organize two international conferences where she also held workshops teaching young water professionals how to improve their presentation skills. Among Arijana’s publications is a review article, which was published in one of the most prestigious journals in the field of biotechnology, Trends in Biotechnology. She also co-authored one granted Slovenian patent and one submitted European patent.

Apart from promoting science among her fellow scientists, she also loves to share knowledge with the general public, so she already took part in various promotional activities which among others included having a talk in front of a very diverse audience on the main square in Ljubljana. Arijana also helped with the implementation of science in art as she posed as an advisor for a Slovenian artist.