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Agnieszka Szemiel

Agnieszka Szemiel

Manager of COVID-19 Drug Screening and Resistance Hub (CRUSH) MRC University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research - University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research, UK

A LifeArc/ AUTM Fellow, part of the 2022 co-hort

Agnieszka Szemiel is a LifeArc AUTM Technology Transfer Fellow. This fellowship is supporting Agnieszka in her present role as Facility Manager of the COVID-19 Drug- Screening and Resistance Hub (CRUSH), which is the translational arm of the MRC - University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, UK, and it is primarily providing drug screening services to biotech industry and academia. In her current role, Agnieszka is managing service projects, including interacting with industrial and academic partners, designing experimental approach, costing projects, liaising with the university finance and legal teams, and overseeing delivery of the projects.

Agnieszka comes from Poland, where she studied for BSc and MSc in Biotechnology degrees at the University of Gdansk, Poland. She obtained her PhD at the University of St Andrews, UK studying viruses in mosquito models. Then she embarked on academic career continuing working within the field of virology. However, since participating in the 2015 Ebola outbreak response, and the current COVID-19 pandemic response Agnieszka is transitioning into translational research, where she wants to work on connecting academia and industry.