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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

UPM university is organising an online free workshop, WIT UPM_innovatech,scheduled for 2nd December, 4 p.m. (Madrid time, CET, UTC+1). Focused on innovation, tech transfer, business models, and its impact on society, the workshop is also as a forum for discussion between researchers, entrepreneurs, corporates, VCs and policy makers, all the stakeholders that are involved in this game and that are part of our network.

Although primarily in Spanish, there will be two scheduled sessions will be in English:

  • Jason Wild, Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Salesforce (#1 Most Innovative Company by Forbes) will provide a vision about a collaborative and transformational approach to innovation and co-creation according to his experience and global programs.
  • Jay Rao, professor at Babson College (Boston, US), #1 executive education on Entrepreneurship in US, and senior advisor, will comment on how innovative ecosystems can boost scaling-up, from startups to scale-ups.


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