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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

During the most recent meeting of ASTP’s National Association Advisory Committee (NAAC) the members reported on their actions following the release of the Embedding KT in Horizon Europe White Paper, launched in January 2020.

The White Paper recommended:

  • The introduction of a dedicated work package (WP) to address the impact of Horizon Europe projects and take care of the knowledge transfer, including translation into the innovation phase towards society and the market
  • To ensure the involvement of Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) in the project to lead this WP
  • The assignment of additional budget for this work package

In the intervening months, NAAC members have been pushing this agenda to policymakers within their own countries:

Bulgaria The report was welcome by the Ministry of Education and Science, who is committed to contacting European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel informing her of the ministry’s support for the report’s recommendations.

Czech Republic The paper has been shared with the Ministries of Education, Trade, and the Government Council and received positively by the community delivering representations to the European Union (Embassy for EU institutions in Brussels).

Estonia The White Paper has been forwarded to Ministries, policymakers and NCPs in Enterprise Estonia, and the Estonian Research Council; where it was positively recognised but no direct feedback has yet been received.

Italy The Italian National Association, Netval, co-signed the report and disseminated it to six different ministries involved with innovation and knowledge transfer.

Malta An appointment is being planned with the new Minister for Research and Innovation. In addition, the President of the funding authority (EU funding) has also been contacted.

Poland The Polish National Association is arranging translations into Polish and is in contact with the Ministry of Science regarding the paper.

Spain The White Paper has been received by two ministries and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and will also be sent to other ministries and the National Contact Point (NCP).

Turkey The paper has been well received in Turkey by the NCPs an sent to the President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

The NAAC President, Santiago Romo-Urroz, praised the work and determination of the National Associations to disseminate the White Paper and reiterated that given the imminent launch of Horizon Europe projects, ASTP is sharing further copies with the relevant Directors-General of the European Commission to highlight the report’s recommendations and the work of the National Associations.

Learn more about the NAAC and the member nations here

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