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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

Are you excited about KT and TT topics? Do you have a KT story you want to share with the community? Is there someone in ecosystem you would like to interview whose knowledge and experience can benefit community?  

As Europe’s premier association in knowledge transfer community with over two decades of experience in connecting and advocating, ASTP is looking for new volunteers to add to our Tech Transfer Talks podcast series. 

The Tech Transfer Talks, hosted by ASTP, are podcast series where members dive into the work and experience of someone in the sector and share it with the community. Have a listen to the current episodes on Soundcloud here 

If you want to volunteer, the ASTP communications team at Headquarters will support you with all the technical requirements including editing the audio files. 

You will need: 

  • A simple recording device such as your phone. 
  • A quiet place to record, avoiding background noise  
  • A loud clear voice  

During the series you will hear stories and interviews from knowledge transfer professionals in the field who would like to share and explore their experience in the community.  

Do you fit the profile of a curious, enthusiastic KT professional who would like to take part in the series? Send us your proposal to communications@astp4kt.eu 

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