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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

ASTP's SSHA SIG coordinators along with UK-based colleagues from PraxisAuril and Aspect are organising a one-day meeting called Digital Shape, focused on Digital Innovation.

Digital Innovation is increasingly a buzzword in academic research circles and with funders and investors, and is also becoming prevalent for the work of knowledge exchange and transfer.

The SSHA community now provides a growing sample of case studies in which SSHA impact has rested upon Digital Innovation, either in the initial research stage or in the translational stage. Such innovations may for instance take the form of software algorithms, user interfaces, data, web and mobile applications, or computer games.

What are the challenges and opportunities represented by the turn to digital innovation in SSHA knowledge exchange?

Join us in the beautiful city of Cambridge, UK for a day of inspiring panels and practical discussion sessions, with speakers drawn from the networks of ASTP, Praxis Auril and ASPECT.

The event is free to attend. Places are limited and a proportion of registrations are reserved for current members of ASTP, Praxis Auril, and ASPECT.

The meeting will take place in Cambridge, UK |  25 November 2022 |  Register here

9:15    Arrival and refreshments

9:45    Welcome

10:00   Panel: What is digital innovation in SHAPE now?

11:00   Break and refreshments

11:30   Case studies and discussion: What are the needs of digital innovators in AHSS? Challenges and opportunities.

13:00   Buffet Lunch

14:00   World Café: What capacities should the KE community be developing to support digital innovation?

16:00  Session closes. Delegates are welcome to continue networking at a local pub, details to follow

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