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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

In October 2020, ASTP’s Digital Innovations Special Interest Group (SIG) held their first online meeting to share their latest research and short and mid-term ambitions with members, moderated by co-Chair Florian Kirschenhofer.

Launching the latest version of the Software License Deal Terms Survey, SIG co-chair Mirko Lukács, described the motivating factors behind the survey:

  • Most license deal terms benchmark patent technology licenses in areas such as life sciences and hi-tech
  • Now software is increasingly part of technology solutions or software is licensed as a stand-alone solution
  • The DI SIG are striving for more benchmarking data: Which IP rights are  licensed ? At what TRL stage are the licensed technologies? Royalty rates? What type of reps and warranties?

While the SIG are happy with the preliminary results, the results will improve with more submissions and therefore they are encouraging many more contributions.

During the webinar, Mirko said: “We welcome everyone to participate and reassure you that contributions can be anonymous and only aggregated results will be shared.”

You can participate in the Software License Deal Terms Survey here

With over 40 participants in the meeting, Malcolm Bain then updated the group with the progress made on the SIGs work in relation to Software IPR Management (and called for more case studies on managing software IP in KT), and before moving on to set out the 3 – 6 month plan for working on a new action line,

Open Source Software in R&D and KT. This will focus on three main areas: understanding open source licensing terms, open source compliance within R+D and KT, and open source business models, and should lead to some basic and advanced materials that can be shared within ASTP, as well as case studies and teaching support materials.

By popular request, the DI SIG is also open to work on Data Management and GDPR Compliance, but this action line is still nascent and requires more input from members on their concerns and possible contributions, and maybe even someone to take up the leadership of this area. Volunteers are welcome!

In November, the DI SIG will hold a 2-hour online workshop (matching former November face to face meeting), focusing on probably just 2 of these areas – watch this space for more news.

Would you like to know more and contribute? You are invited to join the DI SIG. All presentations are available in the DI SIG group in the ASTP Members’ Area.

SIG chairs are: Malcolm Bain, Mirko Lukács and Florian Kirschenhofer.

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