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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Join EARMA for an introduction to the dynamic online co-creation platform created by the RM Roadmap project. This open-for-all event is an introduction for Research Managers (RM)  to a platform designed to connect professionals, fostering thematic and national collaborations through a new co-creation space.

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The Knowledge and Community Platform (KCP) constitutes a transformative platform that provides an arena for RMs to initiate, contribute to, and authenticate discussions on a variety of topics, including career pathways. The core design of KCP is dynamic, allowing it to cross beyond national and thematic limits, providing participants with the opportunity to co-create consensus documents and engage in important discussions.

Driving these discussions will be our distinguished RM Roadmap ambassadors in close collaboration with the project consortium. Consensus documents will be discussed on the KCP online platform; these documents are intended to reflect the majority perspective and will be open for participant voting.

We want to emphasise that this event is accessible to all interested parties. The primary aim is to offer a comprehensive introduction to interacting with the RM Roadmap Knowledge and Community Platform before the first session starts in October 2023. We invite every RM to engage and propel this co-creation process forward. Your presence and participation will undoubtedly be crucial to the success of this effort.

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