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Author image by Aurora Genta

ASTP is a partner in the EU RM Roadmap project which now invites knowledge transfer (KT) and technology transfer (TT) managers to take on the role of thematic ambassadors and contribute to shaping the future of research management (RM) in Europe.

  • Why are they called “thematic ambassadors”?

The term "thematic" refers to subcategories within the RM profession, representing groups of related tasks associated with specific purposes in the support and management of research. These tasks are performed by individuals who are not active researchers but play vital roles in supporting the success of research. While some themes may overlap with other professions such as communications, HR, finance, or legal, they all share the commonality of being indispensable for the success of research.

  • What are thematic ambassadors responsible for?

Responsibilities of RM Roadmap Thematic Ambassadors include:

1. Actively encouraging communities to participate in RM ROADMAP for the collaborative design of the future of research management.

2. Gathering insights and input from the national and local RM community to comprehend their perspectives on the RM ROADMAP project.

3. Serving as online moderators, facilitating discussions, and playing a role in the co-creation of the future of research management in Europe.

Becoming a thematic ambassador presents a meaningful opportunity for the selected individual to expand their professional networks and contribute to shaping a strategic EU policy focused on optimising Europe's research and innovation potential.

Interested in applying? Submit your application here.

Deadline: 13 December 2023

For additional details about the call, visit RMRoadmap.eu

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