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Dr. Fazilet Vardar-Sukan represents USIMP, the National Organisation of Turkey, as its Vice-President. She is the Director of SUNUM Nanotechnology Research Center at Sabanci University. She is RTTP, with 20 years of experience as KTO. She is a pioneer in the field in Turkey and is the holder of 1989 Turkish Scientific and Technological Council Incentive award in Bioengineering. She was the Director of Ege University Technology Transfer Office and Coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network-Izmir and the founding head of the Bioengineering Department at Ege University and was the head of Department between 2000-2017.

Her skills and expertise as a technology Transfer professional are internationally recognised, endorsed through her RTTP Certificate and EuKTS Grandfather Certificate. She is also the vice president of USIMP (University-Industry Collaboration Centers Platform of Turkey, a member of EPO Academy Advisory Board and represents Turkey on ATTP Board, AUTM International Committee, ASTP- NAAC and EuKTS Board.

When asked about the value of USIMP’s involvement in the NAAC, Fazilet said: “Co-learning and co-creation are among the core values of USIMP. We believe that the experience-sharing and the networking environment the NAAC provides is very valuable for the European KE/T ecosystem, as well as for the national stakeholders. As the Turkish KE umbrella organisation, USIMP has been involved in this initiative of ASTP from the beginning and we are happy to continue contributing to NAAC.

If you would like to know about Fazilet, see here

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