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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

In the last few days, the Commission adopted a Recommendation on a Code of practice on the management of intellectual asset for knowledge valorisation and a Recommendation on a Code of practice on Standardisation. They support the implementation of the Council Recommendation on the guiding principles for knowledge valorisation announced in December 2022, providing guidance for researchers and innovators on intellectual asset management and on how best to use the results for standardisation.

The new code of practice on the management of intellectual assets aims to increase the impact of research results and innovative technologies and accelerate the use of knowledge. This code is addressed to all R&I actors and offers guidance on strategic intellectual assets management.

The new code of practice on standardisation helps with the successful integration of R&I activities with standardisation. It identifies good practices and addresses R&I activities regardless of the technology area. It targets R&I actors within a wide range of technology readiness levels from terminologies and concepts, through testing to interoperability and performance.

We would like to thank the many ASTP members who contributed their time, knowledge and experience in the development in these instruments which will be key to ensure that European research and innovation creates real impact.

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