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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

To support the implementation of the recently adopted Guiding principles for knowledge valorization, the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) is inviting stakeholders with an interest in industry-academia collaboration and citizen engagement to join new communities to co-create two codes of practice for knowledge valorisation.

A Code of practice on industry-academia collaboration will provide principles, recommendations and best practices to stakeholders and practitioners involved in industry-academia collaboration, in its various forms such as collaborative research, public-private partnerships, joint infrastructures, intersectoral mobility as well more interactive models based on open innovation and co-creation.

Another Code of practice for knowledge valorisation by citizens’ engagement will be co-created with stakeholders to broaden the participation in knowledge valorization processes by including users, consumers, citizens, with the final aim to accelerate the use of knowledge and research results for the benefit of society.

Further information is available here: https://research-and-innovation.ec.europa.eu/research-area/industrial-research-and-innovation/eu-valorisation-policy/knowledge-valorisation-platform/thematic-focus/join-new-communities-practice-co-create-two-codes-practice-knowledge-valorisation_en

The deadline for expressions of interest is 15th March 2023.

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