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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

The Horizon Results Booster is a service provided free of charge to all Horizon 2020 beneficiary projects, to help with exploitation of European Commission research projects. As you know, exploitation is a key requirement of Horizon 2020 projects, and this service should help you to boost the exploitation potential of your results. The service is an initiative of the European Commission, and META Group is the leading expert partner delivering these services, in cooperation with Trust IT Services, BDO, ICONS and Ecorys.

The Horizon Results Booster’s goal is to translate excellent research produced in Europe into results that are capable of mobilising change when addressing a challenge. In this way, we contribute to tackle the European paradox – while Europe accounts for 20% of global research investment and produces one-third of all scientific publications, there seems to be a limited capacity within Europe to convert our scientific success into useable results.

Specifically, we supply a series of services:

  1. Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy: The aim of this service is to strengthen the capacity of project groups and projects in disseminating and exploiting their research results.
  2. Business Plan Development: The aim of this service is to assist beneficiaries to bring their results closer to the market by developing an effective business plan, and by preparing to secure appropriate funding for the implementation of project results.
  3. Go To Market: The aim of this service is to assist beneficiaries in making their project results ready for commercialisation. The service will support beneficiaries to identify and/or address potential obstacles to the exploitation of project results and reach commercialisation.

Read more about the Booster here | Visit the website

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