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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

This is an invitation for ASTP members to indicate which of the undernoted topics either you or a colleague would like to learn more about or would like to join a working group on. If either of these topics is of particular interest to you please

Topic 1: Patent grace periods

The European patent office (EPO) has launched a consultation about introducing a 12-month grace period for patent applications. The study will be based on a broad survey of EPO applicants, complemented by user consultations and desk research of the existing literature. The EPO has commissioned BERENT Deutschland GmbH, an international research agency, to conduct the survey among EPO patent applicants based in Europe and beyond selected at random from different categories. However, in order to ensure the completeness of the study, ASTP has been asked to provide observation on the impact on the absence of a grace period in Europe. We are therefore looking for volunteers to work with us on this topic, with deadline 21 February 2022.

Topic 3: DG RTD is working on a new Code of Practice for researchers on the use of standards in commercialisation

This is a very new topics for KT professionals but may become an essential requirement for future EU R&D applications therefore we would like to plan the best way to raise awareness across our KT community. Input from a small working group would greatly assist this process.

If you want to take part or would like more details, contact Headquarters

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