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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

FIT-4-NMP is a support action (Grant Agreement 958255) to increase the participation of talented newcomers from underrepresented regions in Horizon Europe in advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, clean industries and circular industries (NMP).

Since its start in 2021, FIT-4-NMP has achieved significant results in both strategic and targeted support actions. The most important result is that 42 proposals involving talented newcomers have been supported with at least 15 of them successfully evaluated and selected for funding (several are still under evaluation). This includes eight RIA/IA proposals under the Horizon Europe Pillar 2 Cluster 4 and 34 proposals for other NMP-relevant calls, including EIC Accelerator, ERC Synergy, MSCA DN, Widening Twinning, Widening ERA-Chairs, Widening Hop-On Facility, COST, M-ERA.NET, etc.

Also, three innovation workshops have been held in collaboration with top innovators from different countries including CEA Liten (France), TU Dresden (Germany) and VTT (Finland). In total, FIT-4-NMP has enabled 38 talented newcomers to participate in the workshops, where they had a chance to identify synergies to prepare joint Horizon Europe project proposals with the top Innovators.

FIT-4-NMP has organized a series of regional and online workshops - including 13 trainings for EC call participation and three technology transfer training courses - for newcomer representatives over the two years. And, to support participation in these events, FIT-4-NMP has awarded 39 travel grants to talented newcomers.

In terms of strategic activities, FIT-4-NMP has published four important reports: Report on underrepresented regions and talented newcomers; Report on Europe’s leading research and innovation organisations in nanotechnologies, advanced materials and new manufacturing processes (NMP); Report on challenges limiting the participation of talented newcomers in NMP projects; and Report on how to increase the participation of talented newcomers in Horizon Europe NMP projects. In March 2022, a special innovation policy workshop was held, dedicated to increasing the participation of newcomers in NMP projects.

Currently, the FIT-4-NMP register of talented newcomers has 167 organisations from 52 regions, which can be viewed here. Talented newcomers in the FIT-4-NMP register are provided free support to assist them to participate in Horizon Europe research in advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, clean industries and circular industries. Notably, FIT-4-NMP’s free support services for talented newcomers will continue during 2023.

FIT-4-NMP welcomes enquiries from new organisations who think they may qualify as a talented newcomer from an underrepresented region. If you think your organisation is eligible, then please check the requirement conditions and register via the FIT-4-NMP website.

Please feel welcome to disseminate this FIT-4-NMP article to others.

Contact: fit-4-nmp@intelligentsia-consultants.com

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