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Author image by Aurora Genta

On June 29th, 2023, the KT SoftSkills partners gathered in Leiden, the Netherlands, for their highly anticipated second face-to-face project meeting. This meeting aimed to strategise and chart the course for the upcoming six months of the project, marking a crucial phase in its development.

Hosted by ASTP, the meeting centred around comprehensive planning for the forthcoming Knowledge Transfer Skills Investigation Report, scheduled for release in August 2023. The report, coordinated by the University of Bologna (UNIBO), will encompass insights from 60 interviews with KT professionals and experts. These interviews seek to gain a profound understanding of their ideal skill sets for effectively managing KT activities. Additionally, the report will feature a collection of 30 case studies, designed to generate best practices surrounding KT and soft skills on an international scale.

In the aftermath of the report's release, the consortium will focus its efforts on meticulously analysing the findings. To ensure a robust evaluation, ASTP and JAG will be tasked with facilitating four face-to-face validation meetings in October 2023. During these meetings, 40 KT professionals (10 per partner country) will come together to assess the report's outcomes critically. Concurrently, the consortium will collect and examine the key elements of the knowledge transfer skills self-assessment framework.

Central to KT SoftSkills' success is its commitment to continuous evaluation and feedback. This aspect is ensured through the involvement of its Quality Board, an external advisory team comprised of experts. This expert board is dedicated to supplying prompt feedback on the project's research activities, thereby guaranteeing high-quality assessments. Notably, this evaluation process benefits from a close association with ATTP and PACTT which promote KT and TT skills and assist professionals in enhancing them.

Finally, the Helsinki Think Company provided a comprehensive plan for the next dissemination activities. All partners have committed to contributing to the project's communication plan, actively developing and disseminating up-to-date content across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and the KT SoftSkills website.

The Leiden project meeting marked a pivotal moment for the KT SoftSkills initiative. With meticulous planning and a commitment to excellence, the consortium is poised to make significant strides in advancing the field of knowledge transfer skills and practices on a global level.

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