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Author image by Alessandra Baccigotti

We are delighted to announce that ASTP has been accepted as member of the Coalition that has been recently established to work on the reform of research assessment in order to recognise the diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research. While ASTP does not directly participate to research assessment exercises, it was felt that “ASTP has a valuable and unique expertise in Technology and Knowledge Transfer that is relevant and may greatly benefit to the CoARA community”. 

We, as KT/TT professionals, are aware that the current research assessment system, based on journal- and publication-based metrics, does not properly capture the impact of research. Also, tech transfer/ valorization activities are mostly assessed at the institutional level and not at the level of individual researchers who then do not have proper incentives to engage in tech transfer/valorisation activities. We are therefore looking forward to contributing to the identification of new metrics/criteria that can support the assessment of the impact of research.

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