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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

If you are a Director of a KTO/TTO, you are warmly welcome to the first ASTP in-person Directors’ Forum meeting to discuss Data Management for a KTO: what’s the solution?

Join us for one night and one day in Antwerp, in the company of international colleagues to share, network and learn from each other on how to work in the best interest of our institutions, teams and investors.

As Knowledge Transfer Offices face ever-increasing expectations in terms of technology and commercial readiness; as directors we face an enormous Data Management challenge.

These longer-term processes require us to securely manage:

  • increased funding form different channels and the subsequent commitment to ensure the rights and obligations of many more interested parties
  • the expectations and management required by multidisciplinary teams
  • the increasingly complex regulation for the export of knowledge: state aid, ethical research and dual use

In order to successfully manage these various types of information such as contracts, regulations, procedures, IP-management, licence deals, payments and deal structures, KTOs need powerful IT solutions.

As KTO directors, driven to succeed in our new working environment, we require dashboards based on real data in order to see actual and instant outcome generators, ideally, these should be based on the data streams.

Where is this data management solution? Have you found the proverbial Golden Ticket, or have you managed to hack together a system to manage the different data streams and workflows?

In this first Directors’ Forum we plan peer-to-peer brainstorming to unpack which IT-tools have proven to increase efficiency; when is the right time to invest more in integrated software solutions; and which of our demands have not yet been solved by commercially available software?

Learn more and register for the meeting here

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