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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Art Bos, Head of Business Development and Knowledge Transfer at Erasmus University Rotterdam has been appointed as the President-elect by his fellow ASTP Board members. Art has been a member of the ASTP Board since May 2023.

Art first joined ASTP in 2009 when working at LURIS (Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Centre KTO), the Netherlands. He has been a vital part of ASTP’s Professional Development Committee, dedicating his time to organising training courses and sharing his knowledge and specialist skills with hundreds of training course attendees over the years.

In his new role, Art's first duty will be to represent ASTP and the broader European knowledge transfer community at the WIPO-AUTM Knowledge and Technology Transfer International Leadership Summit in Santiago, Chile. The focus of this global meeting is to "strengthen the forum for senior-level academic technology transfer leaders from across the globe to engage in discussions regarding the future of the TT profession. The Summit aims to further develop and address the requirements, challenges, and potential solutions associated with this field."

Art will make the most of his South American trip with a stopover in Argentina. There, he will meet with representatives from the Argentinian technology transfer community and discuss how ASTP may assist them in connecting with the wider world of knowledge transfer and ASTP.

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