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TransferHUBs – Creating Impactful KT-Actors

The Monthly Online SSHA and Impact Flashlight

ASTP’s SSHA Special Interest Group (SIG) has established a new format to share experiences, gain new ideas and inspiration for your daily business: The Monthly Online SSHA and Impact Flashlight. The Flashlight provides you with first-hand experiences from impact experts, practitioners, academics or politicians in a pragmatic, compact and unpretentious way: 30 minutes - current and relevant projects, ideas and approaches from the field of SSHA knowledge transfer and impact.

TransferHUBs – Creating Impactful KT-Actors: Georg Russegger is helping to turn those involved in knowledge transfer into active knowledge transfer actors.

Successful knowledge transfer requires motivated people both in academia and among the users of research results. But what can be done to turn those who only "endure" knowledge transfer activities into active KT promoters? The "TransferHUB" is one interesting approach to achieving this goal. 

Georg Russegger is part of the Vice-Rectorate for Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. As project leader for the area of Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (SSHA) at the Knowledge Transfer Centre East (WTZ Ost), he promotes knowledge transfer at Vienna's universities. Through targeted training and networking events, he supports the impact orientation of all those involved in the knowledge transfer process.

We are very pleased, that Georg will join us to present the concept of TransferHUBs, that has been created by the "Wissenstransferzentren“ (WTZ) in Vienna to turn those involved in knowledge transfer into active knowledge transfer actors.

Moderator: Christoph Köller

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