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Text based impact assessment and what research reports may tell us about impact

Why is it, that we count patents or spin-offs so meticulously? 

Why do we report to our funding agencies on every counselling session we have with politicians? Everyone discusses assessing and documenting the success of research institutions in transfer but what exactly does the number of patents registered tell us about whether our research knowledge has actually been put to good use? Have we really achieved any change? 

Where are the qualitative indicators of transfer measurement that have been called for again and again in order to reflect the entire disciplinary breadth of research generating impact on society, government and the economy? 

From the TextTransfer project, an approach is emerging from the far-flung humanities, of all places, which is supposed to assess the impact probabilities of written research results using AI.  Prof. Dr. Andreas Witt from the Leibniz Institute for the German Language in Mannheim, Germany, will show us how.

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