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In this webinar, Paul Van Dun of KU Leuven and Antonino Rotolo from the University of Bologna will discuss research integrity and technology transfer.

While ethics are becoming more and more an integral part of research and ethical compliance is seen as pivotal to achieve research excellence, ethical issues related to technology transfer are often still an unchartered territory. Acknowledgement of moral rights, conflict of interest, informed consent and treatment of personal data in biotechnological inventions, dual use of technologies are just some of the issues that may impact the whole process from conducting research to commercialising research results. Also, which are the most suitable organizational models for universities to deal with research integrity and ethical issues in technology transfer? In this webinar Paul Van Dun (KULeuven) and Antonino Rotolo (University of Bologna) will discuss these issues both with a practitioner’s approach and from the point of view of a University’s Vice Rector.

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