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Everyone wants to be “open”!

“Openness” has become a ubiquitous buzzword popping-up in policies and practices such as Open Science, Open Research, Open Access, Open Innovation, Open Source, Open Standards, Open Data; and Open to the World.

However, in the sphere of research, innovation and exploitation, there is often confusion, conflation and misunderstanding of these terms; the requirements of the funders regarding openness; and the relationship between openness, IP rights, and commercial exploitation.

This webinar aims to clarify the differences between these “open” things, and to show that openness is not incompatible with IP protection or commercial exploitation. The focus on “open” requirements will be in the context of the EC’s Horizon Europe funding programme, and the implications for TTOs.

Member of the ASTP Europe Committee, Eugene Sweeney, recently published this blog: Open, Open, Open on our website, have a read for background before joining the discussion.

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