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Express Licensing: taking the pain out of non-exclusive licensing

Express licensing is the concept of fast-tracking the traditional process of IP licensing. Using standard agreements with fixed terms and conditions addresses the challenges posed by the management of non-exclusive deals for high-volume, low-cost IP assets that occupy much of the time of technology transfer professionals.

By embracing express licensing strategies for specific IP asset types (mainly copyright IP and research tools), you can introduce significant time & efficiency savings to your workflows and focus your efforts on the big opportunities.

Online platforms take things to the next level, offering marketplaces for whole IP portfolios and the opportunity to fully automate the licensing process. This represents a very attractive proposition to the TTO community which in many regions is experiencing challenges in filling TT roles.

The webinar will explore how TT / KE organisations in both the UK and the US have utilised Express Licensing strategies to deliver impact & revenues and to drive engagement with departments in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Agenda and Speakers

Ed Maughfling (e-lucid): Introducing the topic of Express Licensing and today’s speakers.

Beth Sheckler (NYU): Avoiding Death by Papercut: Express Licensing SSHA Assets for Efficiencies and High Impacts

Ana Charnalia (UCLB): Supporting the commercialisation of Arts & Humanities research through Express Licensing


An opportunity for the audience to ask today’s speakers questions anything about Express Licensing!

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