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Policies for Spin-outs: Licensing , equity and assignment

Most KTOs work with the spin-out route as a way of commercialising inventions from our research institutions: there are different models and policies in place at different KTOs.

ETH Zurich and Imperial College London are both renowned institutions, also when it comes to KTO activities. These two KTOs operate quite different, and efficient, models for spin-outs.

Marjan Kraak (Head of Spin-Off Group, ETH Transfer at ETH Zurich) and Andrew P Tingey (Director of Commercialisation Office, Imperial College London) will take us through their respective models and processes. 

They shall then have a conversation about pros and cons of the different models and a discussion about daily challenges and how to solve them. You will have ample opportunities to ask questions and exchange thoughts and best practices on spin-out policies. 

Join us in what we promise to be an interesting, informative and illuminating session.

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