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Knowledge and Technology Transfer can happen in numerous ways, from publication of research results to collaborations between scientist, between research organizations, between academia and industry or by creating companies, just to name a few.

Still one of the main areas of KTT our offices are heavily involved in, is licensing. Not only does licensing facilitate KTT, it also can generate income and not to forget reputation for the research institution your KTO is working for. But how to make sure, that the terms you agree on actually reflect the value your IP.

In this talk we will very briefly touch the subject how to get a price tag for a licensable IP, we then will discuss various deal structures and licensing fee models and also negotiation tactics. Finally we will spend some time regarding the do’s and don’ts in licensing.

Disclaimer: Before deciding if this course is right for you please note that Ascenion is working in the field of Life Sciences and I will be able to share my experience in this field only. Licensing terms in other areas, e.g. engineering or IT might differ greatly from those in Life Sciences.

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