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On March 16, 2023, OSPO++ is organising the " Open Source in Universities" event.

OSPO++ is a network and community of collaborative open-source program offices in universities, governments and civic institutions. Its purpose is to support the development of OSPOs while engaging in activities to best manage open-source programs and build long-lasting sustainable communities.

The "Open Source Innovation in Universities" event offers the opportunity to discover and analyse recent experiences about emerging trends relating to open source in OpenScience, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. The objective is to address the strategies and opportunities that universities should learn to handle the increased use and creation of open-source software (OSS) and how this can boost developer productivity and market adoption.

Universities and public research institutions from all around the world will open the discussion on the importance of the OSS industry and share their insights and takeaways on why open source, nowadays, is a critical component in every successful Knowledge Transfer strategy.

Learn more about the programme here.

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