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Halo Science is a technology platform and network where scientific innovators connect directly with companies for research collaborations and funding opportunities. 

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Submission deadline: January 31st, 2024

One.five is looking for a water-based dispersion coating solution with good adhesion on paper substrates that proved to achieve ultra-high OTR barriers (<1 cc/sqm/24hrs in ambient conditions) and is heat-resistant for subsequent extrusion coating applications.

One.five is looking for a natural polymer-based solution that must undergo processing via extrusion coating on paper, ensuring a balance between heat seal strength, melt flow rate, and adhesion to paper. Additionally, the coating should be water-insoluble, exhibit biodegradability, and uphold bio-based carbon standards.

One.five is in search of innovative packaging solutions that tick several boxes. The ideal material should be a polymer film that is food compliant, exhibit a water vapor transmission rate comparable to or better than polyolefins, endure hot fill (77°C) and refrigeration (4-10°C) in contact with the product, and be thermoformable at a specified aspect ratio. 

Cargill is looking for technologies and/or ingredients that can reduce the energy and processing cost associated with tempering of cocoa butter in chocolate. These can be focused at completely replacing the tempering step, or significantly reduced its energy requirements. They are NOT looking for Cocoa Butter alternatives or otherwise commercially available compound chocolate solutions. https://hubs.la/Q02bFN_F0

This global Fortune 500 company is seeking new and novel materials that will provide UV protection when applied on human skin. The substance should not currently be recognized by any global regulatory agency as a sunscreen for drug or cosmetic products. Ideally, the substance would be naturally/sustainably sourced, work well in cosmetic formulations, and be reasonably effective at either absorption, reflection, and/or scattering of UV radiation.

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     Gent, Belgium

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