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Innovation Spotlight: Call for Pitch Presentations

Discovery to Innovation in Animal Health (DIAH) is a novel conference with a focus on co-development and R&D-collaborations between industry and academia.

The Innovation Spotlight section of the three-day program includes two pitch sessions featuring emerging technologies and emerging start-ups. New companies (less than 12 months since incorporation) and entrepreneurial scientists with novel technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the animal health industry are encouraged to apply and present their project.

The Advisory Committee will review all applications for the Innovation Spotlight, select successful applicants and provide guidance to presenters. At the DIAH-conference (6-8 Feb. 2024, Ghent BE) the winning project will be recognised as the most promising technology for animal health.

Which technologies are expected?

The expected technologies are innovations related to animal health and/or animal welfare (diagnostics, prevention, vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices, e-health, etc.).

You can present your technology in one of two categories:  

  1. Emerging technologies which will focus on Focus on new scientific breakthroughs that can lead to innovative applications related to animal health and/or welfare.
  2. Emerging start-ups which will focus on the gaps/needs in the animal health and/or welfare market that can be met with the technology

Evaluation and valorisation of applications

Projects will be evaluated by experts according to the following main criteria: scientific soundness, maturity, suitability for the veterinary market, technicality and innovation.


· July 2023: Opening of submission of applications

· 30 September 2023: Deadline for applications

· October: Evaluation by the experts of the applications received and feedback to the applicants. The presenters of the selected applications will receive a template for the pitch presentation.

How to submit your application?

Submit your application on www.diah-conference.com before 30 September 2023.

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