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ASTP's COVID-19 ad-hoc survey set out to better understand the pandemic's impact on the knowledge transfer (KT) community. Between July and September 2020, data was gathered from 252 respondents on the challenges faced by European KT offices, the new practices of KT professionals, and how ASTP can provide further support to its members and the KT community. 

Respondents from 31 countries, 26 within and 5 beyond Europe, participated in the survey. 65% were ASTP members at the time and 42% had been working as a KTO professional for 10 years or more.

The insights from this rich dataset were shared with the KT community and the larger public over the course of consecutive "episodes" in the summer of 2021.

The second episodes sheds lights on practices and activities of KT professionals, as well as what KTOs are doing more and less since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Click here to see the other episodes.

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