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Back by popular demand, Robert Marshall is repeating his earlier Masterclass. The session will involve a mix of interactive presentations, discussions, and exercises.

The global pandemic has forced almost all of us to change the way we think, interact and negotiate. It has accelerated the inevitable move towards more on-line communications: but this has brought with it new challenges, as well as some real benefits. This interactive workshop takes an in-depth look at the specific issues around negotiating remotely. We will discover some practical tools and ideas that could help to overcome the intrinsic difficulties of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement when you’re not able to talk face-to-face.

The session will involve a mix of interactive presentation, discussion and exercises.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

Have explored the challenges and opportunities posed by negotiations conducted using email, phone or video

  • Have new tools and techniques for improving the effectiveness of remote negotiations
  • Be able to configure their environment with the aim of encouraging a positive outcome to their negotiations
  • Be more confident about planning their strategies for negotiating remotely in a range of different scenarios.

Outline programme

Programme details and timings are indicative only and may be changed to accommodate the specific needs of the participants.



Welcome and introductions

Benefits and challenges of remote negotiations[group exercise and discussion]

How people communicate [interactive presentation]

The ‘ill-posed’ conversation | communications technologies and their limitations | the perils of email

Reading the signs: [interactive presentation]

Video-calls, body language and the expression of emotion

Comfort break

Voice tone and paralinguistics [interactive presentation]

Building trust in a remote negotiation [interactive presentation and discussion]

Proven tips and techniques

Planning your remote negotiation [key points/methodology]

Scheduling and segmenting your negotiation | managing expectations and objectives | choosing communications media


Summary of key learning points, evaluation and take-away materials, close

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