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Join ASTP and become a part of Europe’s fastest growing knowledge transfer network

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of ASTP members working together around a shared interest in a specific area in the knowledge transfer. Joining a SIG allows you to collaborate, network, learn from each other, share experiences or problems, have meaningful discussions  and produce solutions.

SIG memberships requires you to be an ASTP member.


The Agrifood SIG is a forum for technology transfer professionals to navigate and overcome some of the key challenges of commercialising research-based innovation across our global food supply chain.

Clinical Research

If you are involved, or have an interest, in Clinical Research join this community to learn and share knowledge with your peers across the Europe.

Digital Innovations

Launched as the Software SIG in 2016, the scope of the Digital Innovations (DI) SIG has broadened in recent years to encompass the full scope of digital innovations and how they impact on knowledge transfer and start-up activities.

Directors' Forum

Are you a director of a KT/TTO who would like to connect and communicate with your peers? Join this SIG and build your community.


So much of our work involves legal questions and dilemmas. This SIG works to collect and share knowledge and experience. Join the SIG and their monthly meeting with different legal topics each month.

New Professionals

The New Professionals SIG is an anchor point for individuals that are new to the field of Knowledge Transfer (KT) and Technology Transfer (TT). The SIG aims to help new professionals navigate the diverse set of opportunities and resources available to them in the K/TT field to successfully support their professional development.

Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA)

Founded in 2015, the SSHA SIG explores the latest issues surrounding knowledge transfer in the field of SSHA.

How to initiate a SIG?

Do you have a specialist interest, a burning issue, or a brilliant insight which you would like to share with the ASTP community? This guide book explains how you can initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG) with the help of HQ and your ASTP colleagues.

Download the Guide