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About Sustainability SIG

The Sustainability SIG shall explore how the sustainability transition requirements are impacting our knowledge valorisation practices. It will gather knowledge valorisation professionals during its monthly online meeting to share best practices, tools, inspiring initiatives and real-life case studies.

Knowledge valorisation practitioners are facing many transitions:

  • The pressure from green tech and increased interest in social innovation
  • The demands of socially and environmentally sustainable business models
  • A growing share of impact entrepreneurship and impact investments
  • Increasing regulations and transparency requirements
  • The increasing power of stakeholders

Research agendas and funding strategies are evolving to adapt to these new paradigms and our day-to-day work is impacted. The way we support transforming research results into innovation is evolving:

  • How we collaborate and with whom, integrating citizens in a quadruple helix together with industrials and public bodies?
  • How we share data, skills, and IP in new ways of licensing?
  • How shall we consider new dimensions of business sustainability such as resource depletion, global footprint, lifecycle assessment and other challenges?
  • How shall we measure success, moving from a quasi-unique money-value dogma to a multidimensional impact world?
  • Which soft skills shall KTOs need to develop?

The Sustainability SIG shall gather knowledge valorisation professionals during an online monthly meeting to share best practices, tools, inspiring initiatives and examples. We also wish to organise a digital conference in early 2023 intended to reach out and discuss sustainability challenges with the wider KT community.

Are your interested in participating or being actively involved in this new pan-European group of KT practitioners on sustainability?

Just complete the survey here or contact Arlyta at HQ

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