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Being a ‘good networker’ is a key skill in order to link yourself to others in your specialism, to influence others or raise your profile. Networking is not about selling. It is about building relationships and building trust.

This highly interactive, practical and fun workshop will give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to walk comfortably into a room of strangers, know who to approach and how; know who to avoid or move away from politely; know what to say and what questions to ask; and how to gain follow-up opportunities.

This 3 hour workshop will cover:

  • Join groups with ease - Which groups to join, avoid and how to join
  • Know how a room works
  • Understand the process of networking
  • Break the ice with strangers
  • Develop small talk to create trust
  • Know how and what to prepare in advance for the best return of investment
  • Build more and stronger relationships
  • Create more business opportunities
  • Feel more confident in any business situation
  • Keeping your eyes and ears open for wider University Opportunities
  • Know how to answer to the “What do you do?” Question
  • Ask great business related questions
  • Spot the opportunities and deal with them with professionalism
  • Importance of “Follow Up”
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